Why You Need Weed Control This Spring

It may be the height of winter, but it’s never too early to start thinking about springtime gardening. And while building that new patio or garden bed is a fun project, it’s important to consider the practical projects as well. Without a proper weed control regimen, that beautiful new garden bed or freshly fertilized lawn could quickly be overrun. Keep reading to see why hiring a professional weed control service lets you take charge of your yard.

Get Those Hard-to-Reach Places

It’s easy to dig up that giant pokeweed when you spot it in the middle of the lawn. It’s not as easy to tackle the weeds growing in the crevices of a driveway or along a fence, where the mower can’t trim them.

You Can Be Selective

When it comes to weed control in gardens, there are two kinds: selective and non-selective. The first kind is called selective because it won’t affect any flowers, trees, or shrubs – only the weeds. So, you can apply it liberally to a garden bed with the peace of mind knowing you won’t harm all the beautiful blooms you’ve invested so much time and energy into. Non-selective sprays are good for parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. Attempting to remove weeds from cracks is tedious, and there’s no need to worry about flowers. Plants aren’t supposed to grow in the concrete anyway! Non-selective sprays allow you to apply weed control in even the tiniest place quickly. Keep in mind that what you spray in a driveway, sidewalk, or any cracks has the possibility of leaching into your lawn; inadvertently causing harm to your good, healthy grasses.

Commercial Weed Control

Whether you own a small business, medical office, or run a school, it’s important to make a good impression on your customers and students. Nothing looks more unsightly than a parking lot full of weeds or landscaping beds overrun with dandelions. Your lawn care professional will discuss the options with you and get your commercial property weed-free in no time!

Rid Your Lawn of Invasive Species

There is a long list of plants that have been inadvertently brought to the states. Sometimes, these plants are nothing more than a visual nuisance. Others, however, can cause problems for both humans, pets, and other plants. The Tree-of-Heaven, for instance, has caused problems for Pennsylvanians for hundreds of years. Not only does this plant grow to a massive 80 ft. tall, but it can also cause skin irritation, allergies, and even inflammation of the heart muscle after exposure to the sap. Japanese Knotweed is another herbal menace. First introduced to the US in the japanese knotweedlate 19th century for use as an ornamental plant, gardeners quickly discovered how it conquered any landscape it took root in. It grows up to 15 ft. tall and can easily handle extreme weather conditions like drought, soil fluctuations, and shade. The plants grow in dense thickets that choke off nutrients and sunlight from other plants in the area. This, of course, harms the eco-diversity in the area. And thanks to their hardy nature, they are tough to eradicate. By employing weed control for your lawn, you not only remove unsightly plants, but you’re also actually helping protect our native plants in the process.

Hit Weeds Before or After Sprouting

Just because you’ve discovered fully-grown, sprouting weeds doesn’t mean it’s too late to eradicate them. Weed control products can be either pre or post-emergent. Pre-emergent will prevent new weeds from coming up in the future, and post-emergent products will treat the weeds already present in your lawn.

Spray, Sit Back and Relax

Different weed control products have different levels of persistence. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on yard work, you can easily find a solution that lasts for a while. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your yard will be weed-free.

Get the Best Residential or Commercial Weed Control from LawnRx

Let us tackle those pesky weeds so you can get back to enjoying your yard or running your business! Our experts will assess your unique situation and work with you to get your property back to being weed free! Call (724) 539-1003 or contact us online today to discuss what we can do for your property! Be sure to follow our blog for more tips on lawn care and follow us on Facebook!