About Us

LawnRx Mission Statement

At LawnRx, we aim to create pride by fulfilling our customers' vision for a beautiful lawn. We strive to earn their trust and loyalty by exceeding their expectations.

Why Choose Us?

At LawnRx, we realize Latrobe offers a variety of lawn care companies to choose from, but customers who pick LawnRx stick with us. LawnRx's customer service is second to none. A local, community-based organization, we are committed to providing you with the best lawn care experience. We are not just in the lawn care business but also in creating long-lasting customer relationships. 

The staff at LawnRx is personable, dedicated, and reliable. With LawnRx, there are no phone bots; live people are ready to answer your every question. With an actual office location, our friendly staff is here to greet and answer all of your lawn care and pest control questions. With love for everything that Latrobe has to offer, we believe in creating a better world for our friends and neighbors, and with us, that starts with the perfect lawn. Contact us now and obtain a prescription for a healthy lawn.