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Lawn Care in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn in Mt. Pleasant, PA, requires regular care and attention. Lawn Rx, a local lawn care company, offers professional services to help homeowners achieve the perfect green lawn.

We offer the following lawn care services:

  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Disease Control
  • Grub Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care
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Consistent Lawn Care, Great Results

Our lawn care program is designed to provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive in the Mt. Pleasant climate. Our team of experts will assess your lawn's specific needs and create a lawn care plan to promote healthy growth and vibrant color.

Our 5-step lawn care program includes the following: 

  • In early spring, your lawn receives balanced fertilizer to revive it after winter. Crabgrass control is also applied to prevent germination. Weed control is done if weather conditions allow.
  • During late spring, we offer a balanced fertilizer and liquid weed control treatment for your lawn. A second application of crabgrass control is applied for extended protection against crabgrass, along with preventive grub control.
  • During the summer, we apply a slow-release fertilizer to maintain your turf's health. Insect control is also administered to protect against chinch bugs and sod webworms. Weed control may be applied, weather permitting.
  • In the early fall, your lawn will receive a balanced fertilizer and liquid weed control treatment. This will effectively address any summer weeds that have appeared and target difficult weeds such as violets.
  • During late fall, we apply a slow-release fertilizer to your lawn. This fertilizer helps nourish the roots and improve their strength.

Lawn Fertilization in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Lawn fertilization is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Regarding lawn fertilization in Mt. Pleasant, PA, Lawn Rx has you covered. Our professional team understands the importance of providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive in our local climate.

Our fertilization treatments include:

  • Thorough assessment of your lawn by a skilled local professional
  • Personalized fertilization strategy designed to suit the specific requirements of your lawn
  • Regular fertilizer treatments scheduled at intervals throughout the year

Weed Control in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Weed control is another important aspect of lawn care in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Weeds can quickly overtake a lawn and detract from its overall appearance. At Lawn Rx, we offer effective weed control treatments to eliminate weeds and prevent them from returning.

Our weed control services include:

  • Four liquid weed control applications distributed over the course of the year
  • Application of crabgrass control as needed
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance for optimal lawn health
Lawn Disease Control in Mt. Pleasant, PA

Lawn diseases can be a common issue in Mt. Pleasant, PA, especially during periods of high humidity or excessive rainfall. Lawn Rx provides professional lawn disease control services to help prevent and treat common lawn diseases.

Our lawn disease control program includes:

  • Experienced technician conducts a thorough lawn inspection
  • Detection and diagnosis of any prevailing diseases
  • Tailored disease management strategy crafted to suit your lawn's unique requirements
  • Treatment protocols formulated to address root causes and forestall future outbreaks

Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Mt. Pleasant, PA

At Lawn Rx, we provide professional lawn aeration and seeding services to enhance the overall health and appearance of your lawn in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Aeration helps alleviate soil compaction and allows for better nutrient absorption, water penetration, and root growth. Seeding fills in bare spots, thickens the turf, and promotes new grass growth.

 Our aeration and seeding program includes:

  • Collaborate with our seasoned technicians to devise a tailored plan tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Enhance root health by eliminating excess thatch and minimizing compaction, facilitating improved access to air, water, and nutrients for the roots.
  • Address bare patches in your lawn by seeding them and overseeding the entire area with top-quality grass seed.
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