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Lawn Care in Latrobe, PA

Welcome to LawnRx, your premier lawn care company in Latrobe. We are committed to providing you with the best lawn care experience, backed by our exceptional customer service and dedication to creating long-lasting relationships. With us, you can expect top-notch services and a team of personable, dedicated, and reliable professionals.

Here are the lawn care services we offer:

  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Weed Control 
  • Lawn Disease Control
  • Grub Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care

Choose LawnRx for all your lawn care needs in Latrobe. Contact us now and let us provide you with a prescription for a healthy lawn.

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Trust Our Local Lawn Care Technicians

Our expert team has developed a comprehensive lawn care program, crafted specifically for the unique needs of Latrobe. With years of experience and industry expertise, we guarantee a healthy, beautiful lawn for you and your family to enjoy year-round.

Our five-step lawn care program includes the following:

  • In early spring, your lawn gets a balanced fertilizer to rejuvenate after winter. It also receives crabgrass control to prevent germination. Weed control is applied if weather permits.
  • In late spring, we provide your lawn with a balanced fertilizer and liquid weed control. We also apply a second treatment of crabgrass control to provide extended protection against crabgrass. Alongside this application, we include preventive grub control. 
  • In the summer, we use a slow-release fertilizer to sustain your turf's health. We also apply insect control to protect it from chinch bugs and sod webworms. Weed control may be applied if weather permits.
  • In the early fall, your lawn will get a balanced fertilizer and liquid weed control. This will take care of any summer weeds that grew. We will also target hard-to-control weeds like violets.
  • In late fall, we apply a slow-release fertilizer to your lawn. This fertilizer provides nutrients to the roots, enhancing their strength. 

Lawn Fertilization in Latrobe, PA

At LawnRx, we take pride in providing exceptional lawn fertilization service in Latrobe. Our team of experts understands the unique needs of your lawn and is committed to delivering outstanding results. With our balanced and slow-release fertilizer, your grass will receive the nourishment it needs at the right time.

But that's not all we offer. When you choose our lawn fertilization service, you can expect:

  • Full lawn inspection by a local expert: Our expert will assess the condition of your lawn and develop a customized fertilization plan tailored to its specific needs. This ensures that every inch of your lawn receives the care it deserves.
  • Recurring fertilizer applications: We understand that a one-time application of fertilizer is not enough to maintain a healthy lawn. That's why we provide recurring fertilizer applications throughout the year. With our timely and consistent approach, your lawn will stay green and vibrant all year round.
  • Greener, healthier-looking grass: Our balanced fertilizer formula promotes lush and healthy grass growth. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless lawns and hello to a vibrant and inviting outdoor space.

Weed Control in Latrobe, PA

Are you tired of battling persistent weeds in Latrobe? Look no further. At LawnRx, we prioritize your satisfaction. We understand the common persistent weeds found in this area and tailor our approach to eliminate them effectively. Our team of experts utilizes the highest quality herbicides to target and eradicate these nuisances, leaving your lawn looking impeccable.

You will receive: 

  • Up to four applications of weed control throughout the year
  • Application of crabgrass control
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure that even the most tenacious weeds don't return. 

Lawn Disease Control in Latrobe, PA

We understand the importance of protecting your lawn from diseases and pests. That's why we offer comprehensive lawn disease control services for residents in Latrobe. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes the most advanced methods to prevent and treat any potential lawn disease outbreaks.

Our lawn disease service includes:

  • In-depth inspection to identify any signs of lawn diseases
  • Perform a detailed soil test to analyze its composition and identify any imbalances that may contribute to the growth of lawn disease-causing pathogens and fungus.
  • Treatments are designed to combat and eliminate lawn diseases by targeting the pathogens and fungi that are damaging your grass and soil.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Latrobe, PA

Discover the secret to a vibrant and thriving lawn with LawnRx's premier aeration and seeding service in Latrobe. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that will leave your neighbors green with envy. 

Here are the key features that set our lawn aeration service apart:

  • Our lawn aeration service revitalizes your grass, promoting healthy root growth and greater rooting.
  • Remove excess thatch and reduce compaction, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the roots more effectively.
  • Our core aeration technique involves removing small plugs of soil, allowing for better air, water, and nutrient circulation. This process creates an environment where your lawn can thrive.
  • Our experts will assess your lawn and perform overseeding, if needed, to fill in those bare spots. 

*Aeration is available to current customers only

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