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Our History


Bruce Love's story began much like many in this industry. He started by mowing lawns in his neighborhood when he was 13. Bruce loved the outdoors and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

Bruce used to help his dad (an avid gardener) prepare the garden for planting. He taught Bruce a great deal about the importance of watering and when you should and should not water. During the summers, Bruce watched the vegetables grow and change, and when the end of the season came, he would help his father gather the vegetables. Working side-by-side from the beginning, when they planted seeds, till the end, when they enjoyed the fruits of their labor - Bruce will never forget these memories.

Growing up, Bruce's family would take many walks through the woods. He not only enjoyed spending time with his family but also enjoyed exploring the woods. He admired the trees and their differences; it’s almost like each had its own personality. During these walks, he learned to identify the trees by their leaves and bark.

The changes that grass, plants, and trees go through intrigued Bruce, and he knew that he wanted a career where he could work outdoors and pursue his obsession with all things growing.

Bruce decided to attend the California University of Pennsylvania, where he took courses focused on the biological sciences, plants, insects, and trees. He graduated with a degree in environmental science with a turfgrass and plant ecology concentration.

Upon graduation, Bruce worked at a local nursery and landscaping company. Each day was different from the last; whether he was helping to take care of the nursery plants in stock or helping the landscaping crews install ponds and other various landscaping features, he thoroughly enjoyed it. He was soaking up the hands-on knowledge that would (unbeknownst to him at the time) prove fruitful later down the road.

A position opened at the sister company of the nursery, which also happened to be a lawn care company. Through the next nine years, he learned the lawn care industry's ins and outs, from providing lawn care services to building long-lasting relationships with customers and everything in between. Over those nine years, he had a chance to get to know his customers, and they got to know him; he began to build a reputation for providing quality service and work to his customers, which would prove to serve him well in the not-so-distant future.

In 2004, Bruce had the opportunity to start his own business, allowing his love for lawns and the always-present entrepreneurial passion to collide. His reputation for quality service and work and the customer relationships he had cultivated previously were the building blocks for what the company stands for today.