The Best Trees: Where to See the Oldest and the Tallest Trees in Pennsylvania


The great state of Pennsylvania has an important place in American history that spans over 200 years. There are even more historic landmarks in this state that have been eyewitnesses to some of the most important moments in our nation’s history. Pennsylvania is home to many trees that make the Declaration of Independence look youthful. Gazing upon these ancient giants is not only spectacular, but inspiring. These wonders of nature are worth visiting and we have made a list of some of the best places to see the oldest and tallest trees in Pennsylvania.

The Sacred Oak

Nestled in a forested area just off Friedensburg Road in Oley Township grows one of the biggest trees in Berks County and probably the oldest tree in Pennsylvania. Long before Europeans arrived to the shores of North America, the Lenape Indians revered the Sacred Oak, believing it had mystical powers. Somehow, it survived the centuries intact, now listed on the Pennsylvania Forestry Association’s Champion Trees of Pennsylvania website.

Today, visitations to the Sacred Oak only happen two times per year, to protect the tree from vandalism. The new owner of the property has had the tree fertilized and trimmed of dead branches to keep it healthy. The tree’s age is approximated at 700 years.

The Giant Of Bell Township

Just out of reach of the sprawling farms of Bell Township lives an ancient giant; A red oak with a trunk circumference of about 26 feet and a height of 120 feet. A tree this large is an unusual find in a place that’s been farmed and deforested for over 250 years. Somehow, this massive tree avoided the ax and grew, unnoticed, to become one of the tallest trees in Pennsylvania. It is estimated to be at least 400 years old. The tree was only recently discovered by a forester hired to mark trees for cutting. Don’t worry, the forester and the landowners have agreed to let this natural wonder live on for other generations to enjoy.

Cook Forest State Park

Old-growth forests are natural treasures we should all cherish. These forests have developed over a long time without experiencing fires or logging activity. A good indicator of an old-growth forest is the presence of several trees over the age of 100. Not many of these special forests exist, especially here in the east where lumber was a booming industry in the 19th century. One forest survived colonization, war, and the industrial age without being destroyed by the march of progress. That forest is Cook Forest State Park.

There are nine areas to explore old growth trees that never saw the ax or chainsaw. Incredibly, these monumental trees date back to the 1600s when the pilgrims were first landing on Plymouth Rock. Cook Forest State Park is also home to the tallest tree in Pennsylvania, the Longfellow Pine. This giant measures in at somewhere between 180 and 200 feet.

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