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Flea & Tick Pest Control

Fleas & ticks are annoying, unsightly, dirty, and can be disease-ridden.

They have no place in the home, nor should they be anywhere near your family and pets. Our Pest Control Programs make sure that your home and lawn stay pest-free, ensuring your family’s safety against bites and insect-related disease.

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More Than a Nuisance

Fleas & Ticks are objectively disgusting creatures. Aside from the repulsive idea of a small insect living on your body and feeding on your blood, they are known to transmit serious diseases, such as Lyme Disease. These pests can be a threat to the health of your family and pets and should be treated as such.

Pest Control to Target Them Where They Live

Treating fleas and ticks through shampoos and collars does nothing to eliminate the source of the problem, and only provides a temporary solution. When not on a host, fleas and ticks like to live in cool, shaded areas like tall grass and leaf litter. Unfortunately, these are also the types of places a pet or child will frequent to escape the hot sun.

Our certified technicians target the areas where fleas and ticks reside, applying a tick prevention spray for yard treatment that kills these pests quickly and efficiently. We offer a 4-step program, each application lasts approximately 8 weeks (at which time we then return to reapply) and is available during all the warm months. Keep your lawn flea- and tick-free year-round!

Keep an insect-free Home

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