Protect Your Perimeter

The cool-weather season is coming and you don’t want to find yourself ill-prepared to deal with pests that seek shelter inside your home. No one wants to open up a cabinet and see a spider or centipede that tried to make its home near the salad spinner to keep warm for the winter. 

While many of the insects that invade your home when the cooler weather comes around are generally harmless, it’s never ideal. Insects and pests are never associated with cleanliness and are commonly attracted to food crumbs or even just an opening.


So how can you avoid a pest invasion when fall comes around? Follow along for some tips and tricks.indoor ants



1. Keep It Clean

Whether it’s your attached garage or your kids leaving food crumbs in their bedrooms, bugs will smell something delicious and come crawling along to find it. While they normally seek shelter, they will want food too. Don’t give them another reason to let themselves in.

2. Seal, Seal, Seal!

If your outward-facing brick is wearing down and has some holes, or if your basement has windows that are easily accessible to bugs (like near a garden or garbage) you’ll want to keep an eye on these spots and get them filled in as soon as you can before the weather begins to change. This will stop pests from having easy access to your home.

3. Keep It Drycaulking outside of a house

Moisture, just like food, will attract pests that are running out of resources in the fall and winter. Make sure that there’s not a lot of condensation forming on windows and doors when the frost shows up, and especially ensure that there is no flooding or pooling of water in your basements or crawl spaces.


Ready to Keep Your Home Pest-Free for the Season?

Call the experts at Lawn RX to make that happen! No one wants a home full of bugs this cool-weather season, so let us take the time to protect your home. We’re ready to tackle ants, spiders, centipedes, and any other creepy critters that are around your perimeter. We want you to feel safe and sound knowing that Lawn RX has taken every precaution. 

Our team is trained and ready to assess and inspect your home for any entryways that a pest might view as easy, even tiny spaces can be easy targets for pests. We’ll then come in with a barrier treatment to prevent pests from making their way through. Get in touch with our experts at (724) 539-1003 or feel free to fill out our contact form and an expert will be back with you shortly. Want to keep up with our work? Check out our Facebook page or our Yelp reviews.