Have a Healthy Lawn in 2020 by Planning Ahead for Your Lawn Care

While spring may seem far away, it’s actually closer than you think. Planning ahead for your lawn care ensures you can sign up for the best lawn care services from LawnRx before our busy calendar fills up. Investing in a lawn care program, core aeration, or any of our other lawn services can help you have a healthy lawn in 2020. It’s essential to act now before it’s too late. Here are a few of the best perks for planning ahead, signing up early, and letting the professionals work their magic on your lawn.

Planning Ahead for a Weed-Free Lawn

When it comes to weed control, planning ahead is essential. Weeds are some of the first plants to sprout in the spring. If you don’t hit them early, then they can overrun a lawn, causing damage and decline everywhere they go. Weeds suck up the water and nutrients that your grass works so hard to collect. They grow fast too, stretching out to stealing sunlight and space from your grass. Weeds are invasive, harmful, and persistent.
Planning ahead for your lawn care will help you keep henbit and other weeds out of your lawn this year.

Proper and effective weed control starts in the early spring with pre-emergent herbicides. These magical herbicides prevent overwintering weed seeds from sprouting, eliminating your first wave of weeds. If you miss this essential first treatment, then your lawn will have a difficult time growing and greening-up in the spring. Following up this first treatment with regular weed control treatments throughout the rest of the year, as needed, helps keep the lawn weed-free and healthy.

Start your year of lawn care off right by signing up early for our Five-Step Lawn Care Program at LawnRx. With an early spring weed control treatment and follow-up treatments throughout the year, you’ll have a healthy lawn in 2020.

Planning Ahead for Your Fertilization Schedule

A good fertilization schedule for your lawn is the backbone for a solid lawn care program. That’s why, when planning ahead for your lawn care this year, it’s important to consider your fertilization schedule. By not providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs, you leave it vulnerable to attacks from lawn diseases, pests, fungi, and weeds.
Another way to plan ahead for your lawn care is to get signed up for a fertilization program with LawnRx.
The key to your fertilization plan is meeting your lawn’s differing needs throughout the year. With the right nutrients at the right times, you can amplify the health and seasonal growth in your grass. With a Five-Step Lawn Care Program from LawnRx, you get five perfectly timed lawn treatments throughout the year.

We start in the early spring with a balanced fertilizer to help the grass “wake up” from its winter dormancy. In the late spring, we continue with another balanced fertilizer to encourage continued growth. During the summer, we provide your lawn with a slow-release fertilizer to provide nutrients throughout the summer and help the lawn withstand the stress of summer. In the early fall, we use another balanced fertilizer to boost growth for your cool-season grass. Finally, we end in the late fall with a slow-release fertilizer that goes straight to your grass roots, feeding the lawn throughout the winter.

Planning Ahead for Your Core Aeration and Overseeding Service

The final piece to your 2020 lawn care plan is core aeration and overseeding. This beneficial service is best done in the fall when your cool-season grass growth is at its most vigorous. This service works to alleviate your lawn of the compacted soil that accumulates throughout the year. Compacted soil restricts the flow of air, water, and nutrients down to your grass roots, causing lawn damage and decline.

Core aeration treats the problem by pulling out tiny cores of compacted soil throughout your lawn. By opening up the soil, aeration relieves the lawn of soil compaction and allows the easy flow of air, water, and nutrients down to the roots. The loosened soil makes it easier for the roots to expand and grow deeper into the lawn. This strengthens the overall turf, making it more resilient to pest attacks and lawn diseases. We follow up the aeration with an overseeding service which not only helps to thicken up your grass, but also introduces different species and varieties of grasses. These grasses can better withstand the stress of disease, heat, drought, as well as the day to day stresses caused during the growing season. Overseeding helps to thicken up your lawn, meaning a thicker, fuller grass and fewer opportunities for weeds to invade.

Take the Worry and Work Out of Lawn Care by Calling the Pros at LawnRx

Don’t fall behind this year when it comes to lawn care. Call us at LawnRx now, so you can secure your spot in our quickly-filling schedule. Whether it be lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, or more, LawnRx has the lawn care solutions for you.

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