Bring the Outdoors Inside With Winter Bird Watching

After spending a good deal of time on our lawn, trees, and shrubs all summer, old man winter has come to visit Latrobe, PA. The skies get greyer and the days get shorter. Don’t let the seasonal blues get you down. Keep the sounds and sights of nature alive in your own backyard by inviting and watching birds. While the world of birds may sound boring to some, their lives are anything but. And for those birds that stick around instead of migrating south, food becomes much more scarce, leaving them open and vulnerable. You’ll be amazed at the variety of birds who visit your feeders even in the winter and bring joy and sunlight to an otherwise gloomy season. Here are just a few tips on how you can go about attracting and helping birds survive and thrive throughout the cold months ahead.

Common Winter Birds of Pennsylvania

First, which birds stick around? While many birds fly further south for the winter, birds such as those listed below stay put right here in Latrobe, PA.

Provide Fresh Food

During the winter, food sources become harder to find and more scarce. You can help keep them nourished while also attracting them to your yard by offering a birdfeeder or two. But what kind of food will attract the most birds? Different types of birds prefer different things, and some eat mostly insects while others eat a variety of seeds. If you’re looking to draw in a lot of feathered friends, hang out several birdfeeders offering a variety of different foods. Suet makes great food for winter because it contains plenty of calories and will fill birds with energy. Peanuts are packed with protein and enjoyed by birds such as woodpeckers, blue jays, chickadees, cardinals, and nuthatches, while cracked corn is enjoyed by sparrows, blackbirds, blue jays, and doves. For a special treat, put out fruit such as grapes, sliced citrus, apples, and even bananas.

Make Your Own Homemade Bird Treats
Want to get your whole family involved? Try making your own birdseed ornaments. Hang them on this year’s Christmas trees, and then after the holidays are over, place them on a branch outside. Using cookie cutters, a little flour, and a mix of birdseed, you can create tons of different ornaments that will look festive this season and make a tasty bird treat.

Provide Fresh Water
The usual water sources birds find for drinking and bathing here in Latrobe become frozen and unusable. Give your birds a hand by having a fresh, clean birdbath ready for them. Change out the water daily to keep it from freezing or invest in an agitator to keep it moving.

Keep them Protected from Predators and Weather Elements

While birds will naturally build nests in trees, in bushes, under alcoves, on balconies, in gutters, light posts, and just about anywhere they can fit, you can save them the trouble by providing them with adequate shelter in your own backyard. A simple way to provide protection is to place your feeder near trees or shrubs that help block the wind and keep snow off your birdfeeder. You can also place roosting boxes around your property to help keep them safe and warm. The more variety of shelters you have on your Latrobe area property, the greater the variety of birds that will show up to take roost.

Plant Trees and Vegetation that Attracts Birds

Certain trees hang onto their fruit all year which attracts birds and other wildlife. Trees great for attracting winter wildlife include crab apples, Washington hawthorn, and American holly. Not only do these trees help birds get something to eat, they also add a bit of color to your yard.

Other trees that can attract birds in the winter are blue spruce, pine, cedar, and hemlock. These trees hold onto their needles all year and provide shelter and protection from the elements.

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