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Tree & Shrub Care

You probably have a vision in your head for how you’d like your trees & shrubs to look.

Well-maintained trees & shrubs including lush and full ornamentals.

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Your Ornamentals Are in Good Hands

Our Tree & Shrub Experts are licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture and are expertly trained to be able to identify different types of trees and shrubs and whether they are healthy or not. They will make recommendations for fertilizer and be able to tell you what types of insects may be causing health problems for your ornamentals.


We can fertilize your ornamentals to keep them looking their best and help ward off disease and insect pressure. Our tree & shrub fertilization is soil injected to reach the root zone and immediately start feeding your ornamental tree. We will make recommendations and be able to tell you what insects or diseases may be causing health problems to your ornamentals.

Disease control

Diseases can affect your trees and shrubs throughout the entire growing season. We identify which plants are susceptible to certain diseases and apply preventative disease controls before the symptoms appear. Keeping your ornamentals disease-free and healthy, will increase the plant's overall vigor and appearance.

Insect Control

Insects can cause severe damage to otherwise healthy trees and shrubs. We identify which plants are susceptible to specific insects and treat only those specific plants at the appropriate time to both prevent and control the insects from causing damage and weakening the health of your ornamentals. We are very cautious of pesticide exposure to our pollinators and beneficial insects.

Fruit Trees

Our licensed tree spraying experts can make the fruit on your trees more edible! On top of that, our insect and disease preventatives will ensure that your fruit trees are as healthy as possible while bearing ripe fruit for your enjoyment.

Trust the Experts

Consult with our experts to learn the specifics of your trees and shrubs, and how to care for them properly with our tree care service. We truly care about the life of your tree and shrubs. We know which products to use, when to use them, and where to target. Our Integrated Pest Management approach means we reduce the exposure of beneficial insects to insecticides and fungicides. This maintains a balance for your trees & shrubs that helps them thrive. We know how to get the best out of your trees and shrubs. We are conscious of pollinators and only apply insecticides to appropriate plants and at the appropriate time to decrease pollinator exposure to insecticides.

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