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Mosquito Control

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Quit Hitting Yourself!

In PA, you’re never too far from some small body of water – the breeding ground of the justifiably-hated mosquito. The insect of which no good can come. We may be projecting our own feelings on it, but we have a pretty good idea that you may feel similarly.

Nothing can ruin a good summer evening among friends like the constant pin-prick bite followed by the inevitable self-smacking. You are the master of your lawn, and you should not be driven from it because of an insect.

A Source of Disease

Mosquitoes are known transmitters of West Nile Virus, among others. Constantly shifting weather patterns cause new diseases to be transmitted by mosquitoes every few years. It's impossible to say which diseases they may be able to transmit next year or the year after that.

Proven Effective

In order to keep your yard mosquito-free through its entire active season, our professional technicians target those shaded, wet areas where mosquitoes live and breed. Each application lasts 8 weeks (at which time we return to re-apply), and is guaranteed to significantly reduce the mosquito population on your lawn.

Mosquito Control Program

  • 4 Applications of our specially formulated mosquito repellent spray for yard treatment during the entire breeding season
  • Applications are timed to eliminate mosquitos during their most active times of the year
  • Doesn’t stain patios or furniture
  • Dries clear
  • Each application lasts 8 weeks

Don’t Let Your Next Evening Outdoors Be Ruined

Call us to make sure your lawn stays mosquito-free from spring through fall. It’s your right to enjoy your own lawn. Make sure that you’re able to.

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