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Five-Step Lawn Care Program

Your Lawn Gets:

  • Balanced Nutrition Program
  • Liquid Weed Control
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Timely Applications
  • Treatments by licensed applicators trained through Penn State University program

Our Five-Step Program

Our 5 Step lawn care program is designed to give your lawn the nutrition it needs at specific times of the year. Compare our 5-step program to our competitors 6 or 7 step program, we deliver the same results!

  • Early Spring

    Your lawn will receive a "wake up call" with a balanced fertilizer and a crabgrass control stops crabgrass BEFORE it germinates. Weed control is also applied if weather conditions permit.
  • Late Spring

    Your lawn will receive a balanced fertilizer and liquid weed control to keep the blooming weeds at bay. We also apply a second treatment of crabgrass control to extend your crabgrass protection. Preventative Grub Control is also included and applied alongside this application.
  • Summer

    Your lawn will receive a slow release balanced fertilizer and a surface feeding insect control. This treatment will help sustain your lawn during the hot summer months and provide a boost going into fall. Weed control will be applied if needed and weather conditions permit.
  • Early Fall

    Your lawn will receive a balanced fertilizer and liquid weed control to take care of any summer weeds that germinated and target those hard to control weeds such as violets, that are most vulnerable as the weather cools down.
  • Late Fall

    As your lawn begins to prepare for dormancy, a slow-releasing fertilizer is applied that feeds your lawn throughout winter. These nutrients go to the roots, rather than the leaves of the plants. This strengthens them, making the plant more resilient against winter’s weather. Weed control will be applied if weather permits.

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