North Huntingdon

Providing Lawn and Tree Care in North Huntingdon Since 2004

Approximately 30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, North Huntingdon is a thriving residential and business community that is also home to a delightful hidden treasure. Often overlooked, Braddock’s Trail Park is a small but beautiful park with an enchanting 20-foot waterfall and home to a field of breathtaking wildflowers. For those who reside and work here, maintaining the peaceful serenity that surrounds us is critical. LawnRx understands this, and as your number one provider in lawn care, we want you to have only the healthiest and well-cared for lawns.

But lawn care doesn’t stop with your grass. Much like your grass, proper fertilization and maintenance are at the core of every living being inside your landscape. This includes your valuable trees and shrubs. These elegant lawn accents are not just aesthetically appealing. They also offer a variety of benefits. Trees and shrubs provide shade, create oxygen, purify our air, act as sound barriers and help us save energy. They also add property value to your home and add curbside appeal.


Because Your Trees and Shrubs Deserve Only the Best

LawnRx has tree and shrub care experts on staff who are licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture. They have both the experience and training needed to care for your trees and shrubs. Our Tree and Shrub Care Program will provide your beloved lawn ornamentals with the care and protection needed for them to thrive. It starts with the most essential component, fertilization. Fertilizer is injected directly into the trunk to reach the plant’s root zone faster while immediately enriching the soil and increasing the nutrient levels.

Next, our tree and shrub care experts will identify the trees on your North Huntingdon property and devise a preventive disease-control solution. Preventing disease and fungi before it takes over the tree is a crucial factor in long-term survival. Third, we identify which plants are most susceptible to tree-damaging insects. We apply insect control to help protect beetles, mites, and other pests from impacting and destroying the health of your trees.

Trust the Licensed and Certified Experts at LawnRx

Your North Huntingdon trees and shrubs are in good hands with LawnRx. Our experts can help you determine the types of trees on your property, how to care for them, prevent them from obtaining disease and make recommendations regarding proper care. Call 724-539-1003 or contact us now to find out how!

Your Prescription for a Healthy, Beautiful North Huntingdon Lawn

For the healthiest, most aesthetically appealing, and well-maintained property, LawnRx provides a multitude of other lawn care services for your North Huntingdon home. These services include:

  • Lawn Care
  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Dethatching
  • Disease Control
  • Nutsedge Control
  • Soil Analysis
  • Lime Treatment
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Flea & Tick Control
  • Mosquito Control

To protect your beautiful lawn ornamentals, or learn about one of the services listed above, contact the professionals at LawnRx today.

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