Latrobe’s Prescription for Lawn Care Services

Located right here in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, LawnRx has been providing superior lawn care services to the local community and beyond since 2004. With an actual office location, our friendly staff is ready to greet and answer all of your lawn care and pest control questions. We believe in creating a better world for our friends and neighbors, starting with a perfect lawn. That is why we offer the following lawn care services. 

Healthy, Weed-Free Lawn Care in Latrobe

At LawnRx, we take the care and maintenance of your outdoor property seriously. You want a beautiful lawn, plain and simple, and we make it happen. Our Five-Step Lawn Treatment Program will provide your lawn with the nutrition it needs while preventing weeds from taking over. Our five applications begin in the early spring and include

    • Both balanced and slow-release fertilizers to help maintain the health and durability of your turf.
    • Preventive grub control to protect your lawn from these grass-damaging insects.
    • Crabgrass prevention and control to stop this obnoxious weed from sprouting.
    • Surface feeding insect control to combat insects like the chinch bug and sod webworm.
    • The knowledge that your lawn is in knowledgeable hands!

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First Rate Tree and Shrub Care in Latrobe

Protect your Latrobe lawn ornaments with help from the experts at LawnRx. Our tree and shrub care experts are licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture and have the knowledge and skills to give your vegetation proper care. Utilizing the integrated pest management approach, we know which products are safe and only use insecticides and fungicides when needed. Our tree and shrub care will provide your beloved trees and shrubs with the following:

  • Fertilization is injected into the trunk of your trees, directly reaching the roots. This deep-root fertilizer will enrich your soil and increase the level of nutrients your tree receives.
  • Preventive disease control to keep your plants healthy and strong.
  • Insect protection as needed for the control of common pests.
  • Insect and disease preventives custom made for the protection of fruit trees such as apple, cherry, or peach trees.
  • Consult with our experts to learn how to care for your trees properly.

Start protecting your trees and shrubs now by contacting us today. 

Stop Insects With Perimeter Pest Control in Latrobe

Stop dealing with insects! Protect your Latrobe area home and ensure your family stays safe with LawnRx’s invisible, odorless, perimeter pest control. Targeting all entry points into your home, LawnRx will create a barrier around the outside perimeter of your home. Our Perimeter Pest Control contains four applications starting in April and runs bi-monthly through October. We stop the following insects in their tracks:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Cockroaches
  • Millipedes

Protect Your Family With Flea and Tick Control in Latrobe

Protect your family and pets by preventing the itch and wrath of fleas and ticks. Both parasitic insects can wreak havoc on your beloved pets and cause harmful, dangerous diseases to both pets and humans. Lyme disease, the number one tick-infested illness, is a huge problem in the Latrobe area and can cause a flu-like illness and other serious complications. When you invest in our highly effective flea and tick control program, you receive

    • A certified, knowledgeable technician who understands the habits of fleas and ticks.
    • Applications that last approximately eight weeks.
    • An extra layer of protection that targets fleas and ticks at their source.
    • A yard free of fleas and ticks all season long!

Effective and Impactful Mosquito Control in Latrobe

Nothing can ruin a fun night in your backyard more than pesky, annoying mosquitoes. These known carriers of harmful diseases are dangerous to both you and your pets. That is why at LawnRx, we offer a highly effective mosquito control program. Our aggressive approach to eradicating and preventing mosquitoes includes 

    • Targeting the areas in which mosquitoes live and breed.
    • Four timely applications that last approximately eight weeks.
    • Using a nonstaining formula that dries clear and doesn’t ruin decks, patios, or outdoor furniture.
    • An outdoor area free from annoying mosquitoes!

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