Three Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Is your lawn looking lackluster, no matter how much you mow, weed, and fertilize? Your property may need professional aeration services. Sometimes, routine lawn care isn’t enough. Heavy foot (and wheel, and even tire) traffic and excessive thatch buildup can compact our soil, particularly during the warmer months of the year. Eventually, ground compression robs the dirt and root systems of the vital nutrients, moisture, and sunlight they need to thrive.

Core Aeration Helps Redistribute Vital Lawn Nutrients

Professional lawn aeration can help reverse the damage caused by compacted soil and thatch buildup. The core aeration process pulls soil plugs across the entire lawn, redistributing them throughout the yard. Systematically aerating the property allows vital nutrients to penetrate beyond the surface, reinforcing root strength and promoting new, healthy growth.

When to Consider Lawn Aeration

Should you consider scheduling aeration for your property? Knowing some of the most significant indicators of a failing lawn can help you make an informed decision. Three key signs:

1. Noticeable Thinning

If you’ve started to see bare spots on your grass or find that the lawn is growing a lot slower in some places, you may have compacted soil on your property. Unfortunately, seeding alone isn’t enough to reverse compressed grounds. Aeration can quickly break up compaction in these areas and get your yard what it needs before it begins to wither. 

2. Visible Discoloration

Before your grass begins to thin or die completely, you may start to notice visible discoloration. Patches of yellow or brown vegetation can be an early indication that your grass just isn’t getting what it needs. Of course, other factors can discolor your lawn, such as drought stress, disease, and pest infestations. A qualified lawn care professional can help you quickly assess if your discolored grass requires aeration.

3. Pooling Water

When a healthy lawn gets watered, it’s able to quickly absorb the moisture. However, for yards battling compaction and/or thatch, the water tends to sit and pool at the surface, unable to soak through to the soil and roots. Without core aeration services, this puddling moisture can quickly overtake any new grass seed that’s been used in the area. 

Are you noticing telltale signs that your yard needs aeration? Lawn Rx offers professional aeration services to help your property thrive. Contact our team today to learn more!