Fall Maintenance: Tree and Shrub Care For Pennsylvania Yards

Your trees and shrubs are such an important part of your landscape. Not only do they add beauty and clean the air but they can add value to your home as well. Trees are permanent fixtures in your landscape and they are meant to last generations.

The only way they will do that is if you take the time for proper fall tree care. In the forest, trees are mostly protected from pests and diseases because there are so many different species living in close proximity. But in our yards, trees stand alone and are more vulnerable. So this fall, pay a little attention to your trees so they can live on and thrive.

Plant Your New Trees and Shrubs Nowmulch being laid by hand

Fall is the best time to plant new trees and shrubs because this is the time of year trees focus their energy on growing new roots. This means that new trees will be quick to establish and require a lot less maintenance than they would in the spring or summer. Plus, the cooler temperatures of fall mean there is less chance of damage from pests, drought, and disease.

Add Mulch

Mulching your trees and shrubs in the fall helps insulate the roots from harsh weather and the best part is, you can get some for free. Leaves make great mulch because they are full of nutrients and they help retain moisture very well. So put those leaves to good use and reuse them to help benefit your trees, shrubs, or gardens.

Bust Out The Pruning Shears

Just like planting trees in the fall, pruning trees in the fall is the best time to do it. Pruning should be done while the tree is dormant, so you could prune in fall or early winter before the first buds appear. Pruning in the fall makes it easier to see the entire shape of the tree so you can do a better job. Prune dead or diseased branches and make sure there aren’t any low hanging branches.

Fertilize Your Trees and Shrubspruning by hand

Your trees need food too. In the forests, trees replenish their nutrients through decomposing leaves. Trees growing in our yards cannot get the nutrients from the soil because we rake our leaves and there is too much competition from other vegetation. Regular fertilizers are applied on the surface and take forever to get down to the roots and by then it has already lost most of its effectiveness. The solution is a process called deep root feeding. Deep root feeding is a fertilization process in which an arborist uses a specialized piece of equipment to inject fertilizer into the roots of your trees.

Dormant Oil

Another problem we see a lot of in Pennsylvania are tree pests. In the forests, the number and variety of trees help protect each other from pests and diseases. However, in an urban setting, trees are exposed. It’s important to keep an eye on your trees to prevent an infestation from getting worse. Pests like tree scale, the spotted lantern fly, and aphids are just a few pests that can harm your trees. Dormant oil is a product that is applied to your trees in the fall after your trees have gone dormant. The oil coats the trunk and kills any overwintering insects and eggs before they awaken in the spring.

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