Enjoy Vibrant Fall Foliage On Your Own Property With These Four Trees

We are blessed in so many ways to live in the Keystone state, surrounded by picturesque mountains and clear, fresh bodies of water. We have a variety of parks, trails, and vast areas covered in foliage of many kinds. In the fall, our trees turn brilliant shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple, painting our landscapes with a display people come from miles away to see.

Vibrant displays of color vary from year to year and are based on the temperatures and amount of rainfall we receive during the weeks leading up to autumn. Bright sunny days and cool nights create the ideal environment. As trees head into dormancy and chlorophyll production shuts down, the hidden pigments in certain tree leaves begin to show. If you want to enjoy this type of beauty on your own Latrobe area lawn, there are certain types of trees you should think about planting. In fact, fall is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs. As long as the ground hasn’t yet frozen, roots are continuing to grow. So go ahead. Here are a few of the best trees to plant to ensure a colorful future for your Pennsylvania property.

The Sugar Maple

First on our list is the sugar maple. That’s because these showy lawn ornaments have one of the most vibrant fall foliage of any tree, with leaves that turn yellow, orange, and red. Ranging in height between 40 and 80 feet, these beloved trees produce the iconic maple syrup Pennsylvanians have grown to love.  They love full sun or partial shade and will grow in just about any soil condition, particularly moist, acidic, well-drained soil. Branching out in an oval shape to approximately 30 – 60 feet wide, they provide an abundance of shade. As a kid, you may remember running around chasing the helicopters that fell from these trees. In the spring, the sugar maple’s flowers produce small, greenish-yellow flowers that curve downward.

The Red Maple

This tree with a colorful-sounding name is called as such for the brilliant shades of red they put on display in the fall. Red maples can grow up to 70 feet tall and provide 30 to 50 feet of cooling shade in the summer. These trees have smaller leaves, and in the spring, small pink flowers bloom for a short time attracting pollinators. Like the sugar maple, the red maple produces large quantities of “helicopters.” They are easy to maintain, grow well in full sun and partial shade, can be grown in just about any soil, and in the fall, their leaves turn a bright red that will illuminate your landscape.

The White Dogwood

This flowering stunner provides an array of beauty year-round. White dogwoods can grow 15 – 25 feet tall with a rounded umbrella spread of about 20 – 25 feet wide. They bloom white flowers in the spring, and in the fall, crimson red berries give way to reddish-purple leaves. The berries attract many different types of wildlife including, birds. White dogwoods grow best in partial shade and flourish in moist, loamy, slightly acidic soil. They are fairly low-maintenance but can dry out if not watered enough. The silver textured bark that appears in the winter makes these fascinating beauties stand out through every season.

Scarlet, White, and Pin Oak Trees

Scarlet, white, and pin oak trees are the most common types of oak trees in Pennsylvania, and all are stout, robust plants that show a display of full, rich foliage in the fall. The pin oak grows to 60 to 75 feet, while the slow-growing white oak can grow up to 100 feet. The scarlet oak grows much faster and reaches heights between 60 and 80 feet. All there prefer full to partial sun and prefer acidic, moist, well-drained soil, and are intolerant of alkaline soils. Usually chosen for the shade they provide, these three oak trees produce acorns enjoyed by squirrels, chipmunks, and various other types of wildlife.

In the fall, the scarlet oak provides a dazzling red color that contrasts well with the first snow of the fall. The white oak has leaves that turn shades of intense red or burgundy, while the pin oak’s leaves turn hues of scarlet and bronze. Once established, all three of these oak trees will provide displays of beautifully distributed foliage for years well into the future.

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